what is walk the line?

we are offering a free no obligation health check of your compressed air installation (regardless of brand)

Talking’s Fine - But Let Us Walk The Line

Save $$$ when you Walk the Line with CPS HIre


WHY offer a free service?

With the backing of Atlas Copco, years of experience and tools are our disposal we can now offer this free no obligation service.

  1. It benefits you because we can offer advise and reports on how to save you money on power & usage. We can also suggest ways to make improvements to your existing system. Did I mention it was free with no obligation!
  2. We benefit because we make contact with you. You will receive no invoice for this service, however it is our aim to build a relationship, which is mutually beneficial into the future. We all need to work together to make Australia

Compressed air is commonly accepted as a manufacturing facility’s fourth utility. Taking a closer look at the way that fourth utility is produced can provide savings in maintenance as well as the peace of mind that comes with the assurance of clean air. A careful examination of a facility’s compressed air system will likely reveal several opportunities for reducing the plant’s energy draw, resulting in significant energy savings, lower operating costs and a minimized impact on the environment through a smaller carbon footprint. CPS Hire with the backing of specialised tools from Atlas Copco can provide that for you.

Why should you allow CPS Hire to walk your facility and review your compressed air system?

The key to optimizing your use of compressed air is to focus on reducing costs for energy, maintenance and repairs. CPS Hire engineers are experts at identifying ways to help compressor users achieve the lowest life-cycle costs. Following our walk-through survey of your compressed air system, we guarantee one of two outcomes: either we recommend ways that you can save money (whether a simple no-cost trick or a complete system upgrade) or we give you peace of mind that your system is already optimized and running efficiently. There is zero cost and zero obligation.

Why is the cost of energy so significant? Consider an actual case where a manufacturer was running a 150 kilowatts of compressors (3x 50kw units) 24 hours a day at AU$0.125 cents per kWh. These costs have at least doubled in the last five years, and increased to AU$0.25 cents per kWh or more in some areas. This is now the average power cost in Australia today and set to continue rising. The annual cost to operate this system at 12.5 cents per kWh could potentially be AU$161,250. Today, at 25 cents per kWh, that same compressor installation costs would be $322,500 to operate every year. Over five years, that’s over AU$800,000 over 3/4 of a million dollars!! Cost reductions resulting from energy savings go right to your bottom line. The revolutionary VSD+ offers potentially 50% savings, but even if our survey offers only a fraction of this it may be worth your while?

OK, I understand, but why CPS Hire? Our compressed air experts have provided air system walk-throughs every day and have many satisfied customers. Using the same formula and backed by Atlas Copco there is hundreds of customers in Australia and around the world who have benefited from such surveys. We do it for all customers and for facilities running all makes and brands of compressors. The walk-through helps to identify ways to save money, reduce downtime and increase compressed air system reliability.

Why is a walk-through so important? Compressed air requirements change whenever a facility makes manufacturing or process changes. If you’ve had production changes at your facility, it’s likely your compressed air requirements have changed. We can show you the most efficient way to run your system, based on your current needs and the way your compressors run today. A simple quick analysis or complex system study? Whether we provide a quick analysis or a complex system study depends on the objectives you set for the walk-through. With your objectives in mind, the CPS Hire engineer will evaluate your system and provide a number of steps to make it run at an optimum efficiency. These steps will include suggestions to reduce electrical costs by identifying and fixing problems and improving system efficiencies. The results can be as brief or as detailed as you would like. The only cost to you is the time it takes to meet with a representative of a leading provider of compressor and dryer solutions. We will arrange a time at your convenience, take no more than the time allotted by you, and can return in as little as three to five business days with a summary of recommendations which may even be to suggest a much more detailed air audit after this initial walk through depending on our findings.

What type of recommendations does CPS Hire make? That usually depends on the objectives you set for the walk-through. Chances are we’ll recommend one or more of our “top 10 tips” to maximize compressed air efficiency with minimal cost. This list of money-saving ideas has received national media coverage in the USA (doing our best to get on 7 or 10!), but it can’t cover every situation. You may have other savings opportunities. Our solutions range from fixing leaks and decreasing pressure drops, to re-piping and switching to smaller or Variable Speed Drive compressors. The results can be prioritized to show the biggest savings for the least expenditures. Total savings often run into thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. From compressors to dryers, controls to filters, and gauges to piping, no other manufacturer offers the range of equipment or the expertise of CPS Hire.

Let us apply our wealth of experience locally and with the backing of Atlas Copco, the global leader in compressor sales, in manufacturing operations across the globe to help save you money.
What is the next step? Simple. Either fill in details below or send an e-mail with your contact details to cpscompressors@email.com with “Walk the Line” as the subject, or contact us directly. Don't delay and start looking at a better solution now.