Atlas Copco VSD+ Brochure Variable Speed Drive Air Compressor

7.5 kW to 75 kW VSD+ Screw compressor

The 7.5 kW to 75kW VSD+ screw air compressor are the most innovative compressors on the market. The GA VSD+ series of screw compressor have a unique vertical design, providing a small footprint, saving you valuable floor space

This VSD screw compressor comes with IE4 motor efficiency and the VSD+ system deliver, that an average of 15% more efficiency than standard  Atlas Copco variable speed drives and a whopping 50% average energy saving over traditional screw air compressors. 

The right size VSD Screw Compressor for you
With our 7.5 kW to 75 kW range of VSD+ screw compressor you will be able to find the right sized compressor for your operation and the GA VSD+ screw air compressor range is available in 4 pressure variances; 5.5bar, 7bar, 9.5bar and 12.5bar. Available models and sizes in the GA 7-75 VSD+ series include:

GAVSD+ Brochure Atlas Copco
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GA7-75VSD+ Atlas Copco Air Compressor Brochure



√ Free air delivery up 12%
√ Energy savings of 50% on average
√ Running as silent as 62 dB(A)
√ Canopy size 55% smaller
√ Tested and proven reliability


Atlas Copco’s GA VSD+ range brings a game-changing innovation to the industry.

It's Simple - Want to reduce Energy? Select the most Energy Efficient Compressor money can buy!

The GA 7-15 VSD+ variable speed drive compressor reduces your energy consumption by a staggering 50% on average, compared to idling compressors. At the same time it offers
improved performance, silent operation (down to 62 dB(A)
and a compact footprint, thanks to its vertical drive train
design. The heart of the GA VSD+ is an interior permanent
magnet motor, directly coupled to Atlas Copco’s
best-in-class screw element: all of which have been in-house
designed and have patents pending. All these benefits make
the GA VSD+ the compressor of the future, setting a new
standard in the industry for years to come.Customer benefits
Highest reliability – The GA VSD+ has proven its reliability
during extensive field-testing. The drive train is a completely
closed, oil-cooled unit that is both quiet and reliable (IP 66),
even in the harshest conditions.

Exceptional energy savings – Atlas Copco’s GA Variable Speed Drive+ (VSD+) technology closely follows the air demand by automatically adjusting the motor speed to match the compressed air supply to the air demand.
Combined with the innovative design of the iPM (Permanent Magnet) motor (efficiency corresponding to IE4 efficiency), this results in average energy savings of 50% and an average cut of 37% in the lifecycle cost of a compressor.

A new, more efficient fan motor achieves another saving on specific energy requirements of up to 7% of the compressor power.On top of the energy savings, the GA VSD+ realizes a Free Air Delivery (FAD) increase of up to 12%.
The design of the motor and the drive train are protected by pending patents.
Air system integration - The GA VSD+ is compact, with a footprint that is less than half of the current GA VSD. Thanks to the silent motor and fully-enclosed drive train, this compressor runs as quietly as 62 dB(A).
Thanks to its smart design, all maintenance parts are easy accessible and the compressor allows for installation close to a wall or even in corners.
Advanced control and monitoring – To maximize efficiency and reliability, the Elektronikon® controls the main drive motor and regulates system pressure within a predefined and narrow pressure band. The Elektronikon® controller can be adapted to your specific needs with extra sensors, digital contacts, fieldbus, Internet and SMS communication functions.
In combination with the ES multiple compressor controller, the operation of your complete compressor room is optimized.
Integrated air treatment – The GA VSD+ is available in a Full Feature version that includes an energy-friendly integrated refrigerant dryer of the newest generation.

Atlas Copco has turned the compressed air industry on its
head by redesigning the conventional layout of a typical air
compressor. Instead of the normal space-taking horizontal
design, the new GA 7-75 VSD+ has an upright, vertical, low
footprint layout. This saves valuable floor and work space,
eases maintenance access, accelerates manufacturing time,
and reduces the total cost of ownership for all customers.
• On average 15% lower Specific Energy Requirement (SER)
than the current GA VSD models. Eco-efficient VSD+ reduces
energy consumption by on average 50% compared to the
current idling models.
• On top of energy savings, Free Air Delivery (FAD)
increase of up to 12% over the range.
• Efficient fan motor below 37 kW (ERP 2015) reduces
electricity consumption and noise levels.
• IE4 motor efficiency (iPM), outperforming
IE3 efficiency levels.
• Low maintenance: fewer components, increased uptime.
• Worry-free: the GA 7-75 VSD+ has been extensively
• Based on unique combination of proven technologies and
existing components, optimally brought together by
Atlas Copco’s unique experience and know-how.
• Elegant and revolutionary design.
• Extra compact footprint.
• Fewer components & few options: impressive list
of standard features.
• Ecological design, efficient material usage.
Innovative fan
• Based on the newest technologies.
• In compliance with ERP2015 efficiency.
• Low noise levels.
Robust oil filter/separator
• Integrated bypass valve with the oil filter.
• Easy maintenance.
Electronic no-loss water drain
• Included as standard.
• Efficient removal of condensate without
loss of compressed air.
• Manual integrated bypass for effective condensate
removal in case of power failure.
Elektronikon® controller
• Integrated smart algorithms reduce system pressure
and energy consumption.
• Warning indications, maintenance scheduling
and online status visualization.
• Graphic display of key parameters (day, week, month)
and 32 language settings.
Sentinel valve
• No inlet arrestor.
• No blow off losses.
• Maintenance free.
VSD+ cubicle
• VSD+ superior to idling machines.
• Electrical components remain cool,
enhancing lifetime of components.
• Dedicated drive for iPM technology motors.
• 5% DC choke as standard.
• Heat dissipation of inverter in separate compartment.
Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) motor
• Very high efficiency: IE4.
• Compact, customized design for optimal cooling by oil.
• Designed in-house in Belgium.
• IP66 vs. IP55.
• No cooling air flow required.
• Oil-lubricated motor bearing: no (re)grease(ing), increased uptime.
• Made by Atlas Copco.
• Robust and silent.
Direct drive
• Vertical design, fewer parts.• Oil-cooled, pressure-tight.• No gears or belts, no shaft seal.• Compact: footprint down 60%.3DRIVE TRAININSIDE THE ROBUST GA 37-75 VSD+4Inlet filter• Heavy duty.• Maintenance every 4,000 hours.• Pressure drop indicator.4Radial fan• Compact.• Low noise level.• High capacity for optimized cooling.5Classic cooler design• Integrated water separation.
• Separate oil/air cooler.• Easy access for maintenance.6Inverter• Cool cubicle: no cooling fans needed.• Fully enclosed: no dust ingress possible.• External heatsink with separate cooling.Integrated dryer• Extra compact footprint.• Refrigerant R410A.8Elektronikon® controller• Integrated smart algorithms reduce systempressure and energy consumption.
• Monitoring features include warning indications,maintenance scheduling and online visualizationof machine’s condition.Sentinel valve• Optimizing the inlet flow of the air end.• No blow off losses.• Full aluminum design: maintenance free.10SD+ cubicle• VSD+ superior to idling machines.• Electrical components remain cool,enhancing lifetime of components.• Dedicated drive for iPM technology motors.
• 5% DC choke as standard.• Heat dissipation of inverter in separate compartment.11Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) motor• Oil cooled motor.• Optimal cooling for all speeds and ambient conditions.• Designed in-house in Belgium.• Oil-lubricated motor bearing: no (re)grease(ing), increased uptime.• IP66: pressure tight.• Permanent magnets.New compressor element• New improved rotor profile.• Reduced pressure losses.• Optimized in and outlet portals.2Direct drive• Vertical design, less parts.• Oil-cooled, pressure-tight.• No gears or belts, no shaft seal.3DRIVE TRAINGA Fixed Speed GA VSD+In almost every production environment, air demand fluctuates depending on different factors suchas the time of the day, week or even month. Extensive measurements and studies of compressed air
demand profiles show that many compressors have substantial variations in air demand.50%Atlas Copco’s GA Variable Speed Drive+ (VSD+) technology closely matches the airdemand by automatically adjusting the motor speed. Combined with the innovativedesign of the iPM (Permanent Magnet) motor, this results in average energy savings of50% and an average cut of 37% in the lifecycle cost of a compressor. VSD+ works with
permanent, in-house designed permanent magnet motors.Why Atlas Copco Variable Speed Drive+ technology?• On average 50% energy savings with an extensive flow range (20-100%).• Integrated Elektronikon® Graphic controller controls the motor speed and high efficiency frequency inverter.• No wasted idling times or blow-off losses during operation.
• Compressor can start/stop under full system pressure without the need to unload with special VSD+ motor.• Eliminates peak current penalty during start-up.• Minimizes system leakage due to a lower system pressure.• EMC Compliance to directives (2004/108/EG).* Compared to fixed speed compressors, based on measurement performed by an independent energy audit agency.
Energy consumptionFixed speed load/unloadAir demandAir demandTimeEnergy consumptionGA VSD+ energy consumptionAir demandTimeEnergy consumptionAir demandSAVINGSVSD+ FOR 50% AVERAGE ENERGY SAVINGSA STEP AHEAD IN MONITORINGAND CONTROLSThe next-generation Elektronikon® operating system offers a wide variety of control and monitoringfeatures that allow you to increase your compressor’s efficiency and reliability. To maximize energyefficiency, the Elektronikon® controls the main drive motor and regulates system pressure withina predefined and narrow pressure band.Dual pressure set pointMost production processes create fluctuating demands which, in turn, can createenergy waste in low use periods. Using the Elektronikon®, you can manually
or automatically create two different system pressure bands to optimize energyuse and reduce costs.Week timerAn on-board clock enables timers to be set up to support any working scheme –per day, per week or completely customizable to your specific situation and needs.Integrated Saver CyclesFan Saver Cycle reduces the energy consumption by switching off the fanin light load applications. Using an ambient sensor to monitor the requireddew point suppression, the Elektronikon® starts and stops the dryer,minimizing energy use.EXCELLENCE IN INTEGRATED AIR QUALITYSave money and the environmentAvoid risk of corrosion and system leaks, and ensure the effective safe disposal of untreated condensate – all within ISO 14001 standards.On average 50% energy savings with newlydesigned integrated dryers
• Pressure dew point of 3°C (100% relative humidity at 20°C).• Heat exchanger cross-flow technology with low pressure drop.• Zero waste of compressed air thanks to no-loss condensate drain.• Reduced operating costs.• Environmentally-friendly characteristics; zero ozone depletion.• Global warming potential has been reduced significantly by an averageof 50% by reducing the amount of refrigerant in the new dryer.
Untreated compressed air contains moisture and aerosols which increase the risk of corrosion andcompressed air system leaks. This can result in a damaged air system and contaminated end product.Maintenance costs can far exceed air treatment costs. Our compressors provide the clean, dry air thatimproves your system’s reliability, avoids costly downtime and production delays, and safeguards
the quality of your products.SMARTLINK*: Data Monitoring Program• Remote monitoring system that helps you optimize your compressed air system and save energy and costs.• Provides a complete insight in your compressed air network.• Anticipates on potential problems by warning you up-front.* Please contact your local sales representative for more information.* Unit performance measured according ISO 1217 ed. 4 2009, annex E, latest edition.** Mean noise level measured at a distance of 1 m according to ISO 2151: 2004 usingISO 9614/2 (sound intensity method); tolerance 3 dB(A).Reference conditions:- Absolute inlet pressure 1 bar (14.5 psi).- Intake air temperature 20°C, 68°F.FAD is measured at the following effective working pressures:- 4 bar(e) (GA 18-37 VSD+)- 5.5 bar(e) (GA 7-15 VSD+)- 7 bar(e)- 9.5 bar(e)- 12.5 bar(e)Maximum working pressure: 13 bar(e) (188 psig)TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS GA 7-37 VSD+ FLOW CHART GA 7-37 VSD+1Inlet filter Sentinel valveScrew elementInterior permanent magnet motor (iPM)Air/oil vessel separatorThermostatic bypass valve Oil filter Safety valve Oil separator Minimum pressure valve Solenoid valve After cooler Fan Oil cooler Electronic drain (* mounted on after-cooler on models without dryer)
Dryer (Full Feature option) Condensate prevention cycle7Type  Working pressure Capacity FAD* (min-max) Installed motor power Noise level**WeightWorkPlaceWeightWorkPlace  Full Featurebar(e) psig l/s m³/h cfm kW hp dB(A) kg kg50/60 Hz version  DIMENSIONS Standard Full Feature  L (mm) W (mm) H (mm) L (in) W (in) H (in) L (mm) W (mm) H (mm) L (in) W (in) H (in)
GA 7-15 VSD+ 630 610 1420 24.80 24.02 55.91 630 985 1420 24.80 38.78 55.91  GA 18-37 VSD+ 780 811 1590 30.71 31.93 62.60 780 1273 1590 30.71 50.12 62.60  Wet compressed air Intake air Condensate  Air/oil mixture  Dry compressed air Oil  Energy recovery  Dryer bypass  Main switch  Freeze protection
Heavy duty inlet filterPre-filter Tropical thermostatIT-ancillaries
DD+ filterFoodGrade oil Elektronikon connectivity (SmartBox)
UD+ filterRXD oilES4i, ES6i Transformer sales kit 200-230V / 500-575VOptions
* Unit performance measured according ISO 1217 ed. 4 2009, annex E, latest edition. 15 ** Mean noise level measured at a distance of 1 m according to ISO 2151: 2004 using ISO 9614/2 (sound intensity method); tolerance 3 dB(A).
Reference conditions: - Absolute inlet pressure 1 bar (14.5 psi).
- Intake air temperature 20°C, 68°F. FAD is measured at the following effective working pressures:
- 4 bar(e)  - 7 bar(e)
- 9.5 bar(e) - 12.5 bar(e)
Maximum working pressure: 13 bar(e) (188 psig)
Type Working pressure Capacity FAD* (min-max) Installed motor power Noise level**

GAVSD+ Brochure Atlas Copco