Genuine parts Because Atlas Copco genuine parts are built according to the same quality standards as your compressor, you are guaranteed that your production, even after servicing your compressor, will remain at the same high level.

The advantages of using Atlas Copco's genuine partsLonger life expectancy Regularly servicing your equipment using genuine spare parts ensures that your installation will last longer. We guarantee that each new component performs equally well as the part it replaces.Superior quality Our genuine parts are manufactured to the same exacting standards as your installed compressor.

They have passed the same endurance tests and proven to be the best protection for your investment.Reliability and productivityUsing genuine parts substantially lowers the risk of a production breakdown, which would not only be very costly, but could also endanger your product quality, deadlines and profit margins. In short, genuine parts offer optimal performance of your compressed air installation.

Energy savings and cost effectiveness Regular replacement of parts combined with the use of genuine Atlas Copco parts make your compressed air installation last longer and cause a minimal average pressure drop, which leads to energy savings and cost effectiveness and maximum air delivery at the lowest cost of ownership.World class logisticsThe continuity of your production process can only be guaranteed when the quality spare parts arrive at the right place and the right time.

With our genuine parts distribution system, operating 24/7, you can rest assured your production continuity is in safe hands.
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