GXe5 / G5 Air Compressor 44.9 cfm / 21.2 litres / sec FAD

Product Code: G5FFTM Tank Mounted  with integrated dryer                             Pricing: $9,780 +GST

Description: Atlas Copco 5kw rotary screw air compressor, tank mounted with inbuilt air dryer. AS1210 Approval on vessel. Delivery nationwide arranged (not included in this price, from $175 + GST depending on location). Nationally backed and serviced. Extended warranty available - Yes.

Original Manufacturer: Atlas Copco. Current Stock available: YES on FF

Atlas Copco Rotary Screw (Oil Injected) 2kw, 3kw, 4kw & 5kw 

The smallest range of rotary screw compressors available. Atlas Copco make and sell more rotary screw compressors than any other company in Australia. Why is this? Made for Australian conditions, made to last & out perform all others. For the most energy efficient, robust compressors money can buy, look no further.

Always consider total cost of ownership - Energy, Maintenance, Reliability - That is why we sell more