nitrogen offers many solutions

Depending on the application a Lab will typically require Nitrogen purity from 99% to 99.999%. For 99% we can use the NGM (membrane Generator) but it is more usual to select the NGP as higher purity levels are more easily achieved using this method. Even if 99% is needed, Lab equipment is normally very expensive so the NGP (PSA) method is preferred.

Nitrogen gas is used in laboratories primarily to control the atmosphere for highly sensitive equipment and procedures.

N2 gas is applied to control oxygen levels, humidity, and temperature in lab equipment including cell incubators, IVF incubators, dry boxes, glove boxes, and mass spectrometers.

Lab applications often require large amounts of Nitrogen to maintain the correct atmosphere.

A Nitrogen Generator producing steady gas via simple PSA or Membrane technology is an ideal choice over tanks of liquid nitrogen that require delivery, storage, and handling of hazardous cylinders. CPS Hire assists in designs and selection of Nitrogen Generators specifically for use in lab equipment in order to reduce any risk of running out of gas a potentially critical point as well as to supply a steady stream of high purity N2 gas on-demand at the point of process. See our Industrial Applications page for more information on this and other uses.

LCMS (Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) is defined as the marriage between liquid chromatography separation and mass spectrometric detection. By blending these two powerful techniques, chemical analysts have the ability to analyze almost any molecular species as well as thermally labile, non-volatile, and high molecular weight species.

Nitrogen is often used to power surgical tools for various medical procedures. 175 psig and higher is typically required to drive the instrument.