Installation tips

1. container mounted / installed compressed air systems

What to consider?

container options

There are several things to consider when looking at installing your compressor in a container.

- The same rules apply to a container as do in a standard compressor room regarding cooling Air Flow. A compressor needs air for compression & for cooling. Once you have selected the compressor or air requirements contact us so we can advise.

- Our compressors come with fans installed to drive air through them for cooling and compression, however in most cases it is recommended that a containerised installation be fan assisted. This is mainly due to limited space.

- Ensure inlet is protected from water ingress and if container is to be moved ensure it will not be close to a source of pollution or contamination (such as hot air out let).

- We highly recommend a fully integrated solution: Tank Mounted with integrated air dryer (FF). This reduces footprint and size required and this is always a key consideration in a container installation.

- Remember service requirements and access. Ensure compressor is accessable so far as is possible for safe operation and servicing.  On the controller side you can carry out most service work on our compressors.

- If container is to be moved continually we would recommend re-installing transport brackets during transport / loading.

- These are just some simple guidelines. We suggest you contact us with your specific requirements prior to starting the project so we can advise accordingly.