dental applications

100% Oil free dental / medical standard

Your dental practice or laboratory processes depend on 100% clean compressed air to safeguard your patient’s health and protect your valuable equipment. 

Designed for the low air demands of dental practices, clinical laboratories and other point-of-use surgical air applications, LFx MED air compressor solutions provide the 100% oil-free, ultra-dry and filtered air that you need.
In addition, they offer unmatched performance, durability and lifetime with minimal maintenance.

Customer Benefits

Easy installation at point of use – LFx MED solutions fit into any space or setting thanks to their compact design.
A totally integrated, pre-assembled set-up minimizes installation time and costs.
Solid reliability – Through durable engineering and tests, the LFx MED guarantees the generation of 50% more air as well as a 50% longer lifetime compared to similar products on the market.
Simple to use – LFx MED compressors are easy to operate and offer extremely low noise and vibration levels.
Perfectly hygienic and aseptic environment.
Easy to maintain due to full front access.

Technical Bata

Units: Metric / Imperial
Technical SpecificationsWeight47 - 65 kg
Motor power0.55 - 1.5 kW
Maximum working pressure8 bar(e)
Capacity FAD (cfm)2.16 - 5.36 cfm Capacity FAD (l/s, m³/min)1.02 - 2.53 l/s
Noise level 61 - 64 dB(A)