When developing our dental compressors, our research and development team set out to know the exact needs of dental professionals. We found many, often specific, requirements. We are confident our dental products and services meet them all. Further on in this brochure, you will find all the details about the features and benefits of our dental range. In the end, however, the compressor you get from Atlas Copco is as easy to summarize as it is to operate: OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE Atlas Copco dental compressors are designed and built to work for you. Their straightforward control panel ensures you don’t require an engineering degree to operate the machine. Compact in size, they fit in smaller spaces. And with a 100% load cycle and noise levels between 53 and 65 dB(A), their continuous, uninterrupted operation is non-intrusive.

 Air quality you can be sure of

 Reliability you can count on

 Performance you will be pleased with

00% CLEAN CLASS ZERO AIR With an Atlas Copco dental compressor, you can tend to your patients in a fully hygienic and aseptic environment. While others may claim oil-free air through filtration, Atlas Copco compressors are certified to generate absolutely no traces of oil vapor. Because condensation can result in bacterial growth, our compressor filters and dryers provide a supplemental layer of air quality assurance. As a final precaution, all compressor parts are coated so that contamination because of wear is virtually impossible.

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