How to install?

See demo video at end of page. Easy!



To visualize the installation, and offer the flexibility to adjust, modify and validate the future installation, we have developed the unique 3D software for you. AIRnet Planner  

More than just a presentation tool for our end-users, the AIRnet Planner provides a detailed structure and calculates the pressure drop in the system.

Starting from the 3D design, the AIRnet Planner creates the bill of material, specifies the exact number of pipes needed, lists all required AIRnet fittings and calculates the assembly time. AIRnet Viewer Based on


installation drawing created with the AIRnet planner, AIRnet viewer software will allow you to analyse how your future installation will look like.

Download your free version of AIRnet Viewer (35395 kB, Executable) -  Download here:   QUESTIONS? Contact US

you design

try before you buy!


we design

let us design your system using state of the art software

We take your measurements and your requirements, then using the patented Airnet Software we can do a visualisation showing you how your system will work. This is very quick and comes highly recommended! See images below as an example of what we can do for you.


USE the catalogue, choose your parts and contact us for pricing! NOT SURE or Need Help? Don't worry!

WE DESIGN, SUPPLY & INSTALL (Old & New Systems).  Just Contact us for more info or to make an


Reduced Energy Costs

AIRnet significantly reduces your operating costs providing more air flow with less pressure drop
Smooth inner aluminium surface​
Corrosion-free pipes and fittings minimize the risk of leakage and maintain the pressure drop
Constant over time, reducing energy waste
An integrated o-ring ensures an airtight fit
A pressure drop reduction of 1 bar results in 7% energy savings of your total compressor installed power

Built To Last

The AIRnet piping system is resistant to corrosion, mechanical shocks, fire, thermal variations and outdoor weather conditions
AIRnet ensures longer longevity of your equipment and increases the liftetime of the filtration elements.​
10 year guarantee on our AIRnet fittings and aluminium pipes against any damages resulting from material defect.

AIRnet saves you 70% on installation time vs. traditional piping systems.

Designing and installing a piping system used to be cumbersome, complex and above all: time consuming. Now, with AIRnet, you can get down to business in no time. Welcome to the fast lane.Ready? Set? Done!
The lightweight AIRnet aluminium pipes and polymer fittings require no complex tools.The pipes are easy to cut and the polymer fittings ensure a perfect alignment instantly. AIRnet is adaptable to any existing pipe work. You simply cannot beat the speed of AIRnet installation. Assembling a similar installation with traditional piping will take you more than three times as long. Down with downtime Unlike other piping systems, AIRnet does not require additional treatment such as painting. In compliance with industrial standards, AIRnet pipes are standard painted blue or green for simple network identification. The system can be pressurized immediately after assembly, limiting downtime to an absolute minimum.




The quality piping solution