With the cost of electricity continuing to rise, Australian manufacturers are increasingly looking to improve their competitiveness by investing in more efficient air compressors for their production facilities.

As we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch, somebody has to pay! That somebody doesn't have to be you, let's make your power company pay. 

air compressors for free? to good to be true?

maybe not, still interested? read on..................

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HOW IT WORKS? For what your system already costs or less per year, we can install and maintain a NEW energy efficient system

Your current compressed air installation costs money every day in the form of ENERGY and ongoing MAINTENANCE costs. It may be costing you more than you think! We simply put in an energy saving solution in place at a monthly rental fee to you covering everything including maintenance. You also have the option of Finance / Lease or outright or purchase. The Rental option removes the need for capital expenditure or lengthy approval processes.

HOW is it POSSIBLE? The Revolutionary Atlas Copco VSD+ (Variable Speed Drive) offers 50%* savings on average compared to fixed speed installation

An average installation with a 30kw compressor running 50 hours a week could be costing you $23,875* every year (*based on normal power costs of $0.25 per kwhr and average maintenance costs over a 5-year period), which is almost $120,000 for 5-years. 


Just contact us (cpscompressors@email.com) and we will do the rest. Mention this web pageand include offer code LET ORICA PAY 


1. We install a monitoring device to record your compressor for 1-week. No stopping, no disruption to your facility.

2. We Run a CSIRO approved and verified report (CSIRO Report) to confirm your power costs and estimate potential savings by installing the state of the art latest generation VSD+ (Variable Speed Drive +). VSD+ Brochure

3. Once we verify your costs, discuss and present our findings, we propose the most ENERGY Efficient Solution.

4. For no more than you currently pay and usually less we install and maintain a new compressed air for a i) monthly rental fee ii) A monthly lease fee through finance or iii) You purchase outright

We firmly believe that a service provider that has a vested interest in your reliability and reducing your overall costs shows we are committed to your sustainability.

With the backing of the largest compressor company in the world (& Australia) we offer a guarantee that our reported savings to you are correct, or your money back! Ask your current provider if they would do that, we put our money where our mouth is!

Call or email (CPSCompressors@email.com) today to see if you can benefit and start saving TODAY!

Also available for Nitrogen systems, replacing bulk delivery with On Site Generation. NGM Generators